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Institute of Education 5 year Full Time Program

Institute of Education 5 year Full Time Program




The Institute of Education’s full-time school is for 4th, 5th and 6th year students and repeat Leaving Certificate students of all abilities.

5th Year

We are currently accepting applications for the 2017/2018 academic year.

  1. To apply, please download the relevant form:
  2. For more information on the applications process please visit our Admissions page>>
  3. To contact the 5th year office directly please email

With 25 subjects to choose from, 5th year students at The Institute of Education can create their own timetable. Students can also change or take up a new subject at certain times under the supervision of a guidance counsellor.

Students cover 75% of the subject content in their 5th year lessons, with regular testing and continuous assessment in all subjects.

Students have access to a range of extra-curricular activities and are also provided with constant academic mentoring, study skills seminars, and career guidance, providing them with an invaluable foundation for 6th year.

As a multi-denominational, co-educational school we encourage all our students to achieve their full potential both personally and academically. We do this by creating a caring and happy environment where our renowned teachers can give expert, individual attention to all students, across the widest range of subjects available at any school in the country. Read about some of our student’s recent success stories here >>

Our full-time students receive the benefit of:

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