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By | 15th June 2017

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Imperial College london wilson house

Wardens’ Welcome

Congratulations on gaining a place at Imperial College London, one of the world’s most prestigious universities. On behalf of the entire wardening team, we welcome you to Wilson House and hope to provide you with important information about the hall, your stay and the moving-in day, Saturday 1st October 2016.

Wilson House is one of Imperial College’s largest halls of residence, located in vibrant and bustling Paddington, housing 392 students from all disciplines and various ethnicities. The hall comprises 22 extensively refurbished inter-connected Victorian period houses with a brand new, purpose built residential block to the rear. At Wilson, you will find a combination of single or twin standard and ensuite rooms, with access to shared kitchen and bathroom facilities. Each room has a telephone and internet access. Distributed among the houses are communal areas that you will all have access to – common rooms, TV rooms, games room, on-site launderette and meeting rooms. Please also take note that we follow a strict no-smoking policy at Wilson and smoking is not permitted in any of the rooms or the hall premises.

In addition to day reception staff, an Imperial College wardening team, consisting of a warden, an assistant warden and 7 sub wardens are in residence throughout the year to look after the pastoral, social and disciplinary aspects of the hall. The team consists of post graduate students or staff at Imperial College who have a wealth of information and knowledge of Imperial College and living in halls. The team is primarily here to help you throughout the year, and should be the first point of contact for any concerns or problems that you may have. They are also involved in organising numerous events and social activities for you, ably assisted by 20 hall seniors (undergraduate students who have been selected to live in halls another year), who will live amongst you and help you settle in and make friends.

Imperial College london wilson house

We have a full schedule of events planned for the arrivals weekend and the first two weeks of term. These events are advertised on our website, but will be continually updated as we approach moving in day. Our Hall Seniors will also be on hand to chat with you about what we have planned in the Hall Facebook group. We strongly encourage you to attend the events where you will have your first opportunities to meet other residents and make friends in College.

Before your arrival, there’s one thing we definitely need you to do: register with us. This is the Wilson specific registration you need to complete before we can give you your keys. If you haven’t already…

Imperial College london wilson house

Wilson House offers self-catered study accommodation for 391 undergraduate students.

The rents for 2017/18 are as follows:

Type of room Number of bed spaces Weekly rent*
En-suite single 61 £190*
Standard single 240 £161*
Basement standard single 30 £149*
En-suite twin 24 £127* per person
Standard twin 36 £122* per person
* Hall Activities Fund (£2 per student per week) is a mandatory charge which is used to facilitate social activities and events throughout the year. This charge is included in the weekly rent rate.
Summary of the table’s contents

Please note that the rooms in the basement of Wilson House are smaller and enjoy less natural light than the other rooms and this is reflected in the rents. The beds in these rooms measure 3′ x 6’3″ (0.91m x 1.91m)

Apart from the Study Beds in the basement, all other beds are are 3′ x 6’6″ (0.91m x 1.98m)

Visit Fees and Payment page for more information

Wilson House has a 39 week contract period.

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Wilson house common room
Common room

Contact us

For accommodation enquiries, please contact the Student Hub:
Student Hub
Imperial College London
Level 3, Sherfield Building
London SW7 2AZ
tel: 020 7594 9444
fax: 020 7594 9440

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