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Imperial College London Student room

Welcome to Imperial College’s Connect page! Want a head start on getting into uni? You’re in the right place.

This new section of The Student Room makes it easy to see which students are getting uni places… and where. You can check specific unis and courses to see the offers people have got and – crucially – whether they got a place.

That’s the kind of information usually known only to the universities themselves. But, with your help and the rest of the TSR community, we’re able to shine a light on who’s getting into which uni… and why.

Get started now by connecting to the unis and courses you are applying to, and see how you compare.

Imperial College London Student room

Open Days at Imperial College

Visiting the university on an open day can be one of the best ways to get a taste of life at Imperial College. Open days are divided into departments, so that you get a tailored guide around the campus, highlighting points of interest for your specific area of study.

For more information on what to expect on an Open Day read our guide.

And if you can’t attend an open day, Imperial College also runs a series of guided tours and self-guided tours, which you can do at a time to suit you.

A vast selection of open days are on offer for prospective students. The full list of open days can be found on the university’s website.