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By | 16th June 2017

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What is it like to study at Imperial College London?
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Brian Chatterton
Hard to answer without knowing which course/department you are looking to take. The campus is small but well equipped. It lacks some the heritage and prestige of Oxford and Cambridge but it’s more focussed academically as a result, which reflects in the league tables. That said, it still has a good social scene for students with a very active student union, wide range of clubs and all of London on your doorstep.
Ah, IC Union. How I have spent too much time here and have lots of memories (and a few missing ones also).Anyone can drink here, as long as either you or you are with a student, imperial staff, member of the union or join the ‘Imperial College Union Refectory Club’ for £1. Apart from during term-time on Wednesdays and Saturdays generally you won’t get asked for your membership card. Anyway, back to the review…Since the previous reviews of this place, there was a 7-figure refurb of all the bars and nightclub (which acts as a bar if no clubnight is on). It does show, Metric, the club is stunning, with an industrial feel and excellent sound system. The small Union bar with it’s wooden decor and real ales is a throwback to traditional bars. 568 is the slight dissapointment. It looks great and has a humongously long bar, showing all major sports events. However for some reason they went for cafe style furniture.

Imperial College London quora

It means very few people can actually sit in the bar! This may change with a friend of mine being the Sabb for the bars next year.The real gem is the outside courtyard in the summer. This is the place to drink outside in the summer in South Ken. Either sit on the picnic tables, which can be covered in case of rain or laze on the two small grass lawns. Often a BBQ will run, which is a little expensive but generally nice. When the undergrads leave, the clientèle are postgrads and staff and clever Proms goers – some of the musicians end up here too.
The main plus point is that it is the cheapest bar in South Kensington. Has a better range of lagers, beers and cider than you might think. Not so much choice for wine and spirits. Food is a bit hit and miss depending on what you have. I would avoid the bolognaise like the plague but the burgers in particular are generally good. Inquire for more here Imperial College London and here Imperial College London
Vernon William

Imperial College London quora

Very hard work. Lots of laboratories, coursework and assignments. But you get taught by the best people in the world. I did Civil Engineering and one of my professors was the bloke who stabilised the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

I wouldn’t say Imperial lacks heritage or prestige – it has plenty of that. If you want to study Engineering go to Imperial, it can’t be beaten. If you want to do Maths or Physics go to Cambridge. If you want to waste time on an arts subject like the philosophy of archaeology go to Oxford!

The campus of Imperial is not as big as some places, but it is in a great area next the Albert Hall and the Big Museums – Science, Natural History, and V&A. Not far from the West End either. Finding accommodation can be difficult though you do get the first year in a hall.  There’s loads to do, on and off campus, and very active student union with sports and societies of all kinds.

That is, if you ever get any time of your course to socialise and do stuff. Well you will… but be aware that A levels are a walk in the park compared to a degree at Imperial!

Irina Dumitrescu
That’s a pretty vague question. Studying is quite intense, the campus is pretty small but in a very good location and you may meet a lot of awesome and very smart people.