Imperial College London psychology

By | 16th June 2017

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Imperial College London psychology

Psychology is a science based profession and is the study of people; how they think, how they act, react and interact. It is concerned with all aspects of behaviour and the thoughts, feelings and motivation underlying them… Psychologists deal with the way the mind works and can specialise in various areas such as mental health and educational and occupational psychology… (NHS Careers).

The Brain: Psychiatry, Psychology and Neuroscience

It ought to be generally known that the source of our pleasure, merriment, laughter and amusement, as of our grief, pain, anxiety and tears, is none other than the brain.   – Hippocrates Brain image

And of course the brain is not responsible for any of the sensations at all. The correct view is that the seat and source of sensation is the region of the heart.   – Aristotle

The chief function of the body is to carry the brain around.   – Thomas A. Edison

Imperial College London psychology

In this new addition to the evening class programme we will delve into the inner workings of your brain: what it is, how it functions, how it is affected by what we do, and what can happen when something goes wrong. Even a basic understanding of the brain can affect the way we live our lives and view the world. This course aims to give you an insight into the brain’s intricacies in a way that is accessible, interesting, and relatable to all.

The course will be taught in an interactive manner. In addition to tutor input, you will get the opportunity to discuss your own ideas and experiences with a variety of people, learn from each other, and take part in tasks and games that will build your understanding of each topic.

We will start with a journey from man’s early understanding of the brain into the modern day, addressing some of the most pertinent questions in human culture along way.  We will aim to build an understanding of what the brain is and how it works before covering a range of specialist topics across neuroscience, psychology and psychiatry.

A proposed 20-week program is set out below, but you will have the opportunity to suggest and request specific topics.

Please note two parallel classes will run. The Wednesday class is currently near full capacity and enrolment has stopped. There is very good availability on the Tuesday class which remains open for enrolment via the portal. If you prefer having your class on Wednesdays please enrol online for Tuesdays and leave us a note on the web booking form – we are confident your request can be accommodated.