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About the library

Imperial College London is a science-based institution. It is based across a number of campuses and there are libraries at the South Kensington campus and hospital sites. The Central Library on the South Kensington Campus is the largest and provides services for all departments but specialises in materials for taught course and interdisciplinary materials. The other libraries are:

  • Charing Cross Campus Library – covers general medicine, nursing and allied professions
  • Chelsea and Westminster Campus Library – covers general medicine, nursing and allied professions
  • Hammersmith Campus Library – covers medicine
  • Royal Brompton Campus Library – covers cardiorespiratory and critical care medicine and nursing, and some general medicine
  • St Mary’s Fleming Library – covers general medicine, nursing and allied professions
  • Silwood Park Campus Library – supports the Faculty of Natural Sciences, specialising in applied entomology, pest management and ecology

The Imperial College London catalogue on Copac incorporates the catalogue of the Science Museum Library

The local library catalogue is available online.


Imperial College London library

About us

The library is next to the Queen’s lawn. Visitors are asked to report to the Welcome Desk. If you have a question please ask at the Information Hub.

Study zones

We have a range of different study zones to suit you. Each floor is designated as either group, quiet or silent study.

  • Level 1 – group study
  • Level 2 – quiet study
  • Level 3 – silent study
  • Level 4 – quiet study
  • Level 5 – silent study

Please observe the displayed guidance, and encourage your friends and colleagues to follow this too.

Our library attendants regularly patrol all floors and will be pleased to help maintain the study environment.

PCs, laptops and iPads

You’ll find PCs on levels 1, 2, 4 and 5.

Printer-copiers are located on levels 1,2 and 4.

You may plug in your own laptop at any vacant power socket but please do not unplug PCs.