Imperial College London Job Prospects

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Imperial College London Job Prospects

Imperial currently holds the top spot for career prospects in The Guardian University Guide 2018 – and we’re committed to maintaining this success.

Our Careers Service is on hand to support your career planning from your very first day and for up to three years after graduation. As an Imperial alumnus, you will also enjoy a number of other benefits, including invitations to events and discounts on further study at the College and at Imperial College Business School.

Career prospects

Did you know Imperial’s graduates command some of the highest graduate starting salaries and get the most graduate-level jobs?

Where could your degree take you?

All the engineering departments set very high aims for our undergraduate and postgraduate teaching. Our goal is to shape your professional future as engineers, to nurture your creativity and to help you excel in your chosen field.

Our degrees will also put you on the right career path in sectors such as manufacturing, engineering consultancies, research and development or investment banking. An impressive proportion of graduates also go on to further education.

Find out more about how a degree from each of our engineering departments could help your career.


There is a high demand for Aeronautics graduates not only within the aeronautical industry but also across a broad range of employment types, including but not limited to automotive, environmental and biomedical disciplines, engineering consultancy, and even financial analysis.

This reflects the wide recognition that the subject provides a rigorous training in the application of mathematics and scientific methods, coupled with the intellectual challenge of design to meet stringent specifications in an energy-conscious world.

What do aeronautical engineering graduates do?


Bioengineering graduates will be well-equipped for employment in the growing industrial sector devoted to healthcare, hospitals and clinics, research institutes and government or other organisations concerned with the design and regulation of medical materials and equipment.