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Imperial College London faculty of medicine

The Faculty of Medicine is at the forefront of taking biomedical discoveries and translating them into the clinic – to the benefit of local patients and worldwide populations.

Our students benefit from our close connections with healthcare partners and multidisciplinary collaborations with the College’s Faculties of Engineering, Natural Sciences and the Imperial College Business School. The combination of outstanding science, excellent staff and innovative teaching methods results in a truly world-class study experience.

The Faculty of Medicine, in its current form, was established in August 1997 through a combination of major west London medical schools. The oldest of these, the Westminster, dates back to the eighteenth century when the system of medical training was not as formalised as it is today.

Some of the key dates in the development of what was to become the Faculty are provided below – these chart some of the milestones in the journey from establishment of our constituent former medical schools through to some of the most recent developments within our Faculty here at Imperial College London – one of the world’s leading institutions for medical education and research.

Imperial College London faculty of medicine

Points of historical significance for our constituent former medical schools, prior to the establishment of Imperial College

  • 1823 – Opening of Charing Cross Hospital. The origins of the Charing Cross Hospital Medical School can be found in a meeting of gentlemen at the home of Dr Benjamin Golding to discuss setting up a charitable institution to be known as the West London Infirmary. This was to be a hospital with training facilities, ‘to supply the want of a University, so far as medical education is concerned’. Golding drew up a medical education plan in 1822, and the ‘West London Infirmary’ was established in 1823, to be renamed the Charing Cross Hospital from 1827.
  • 1834 – Set-up of what was to become the Westminster Hospital Medical School. The earliest origins of the School date back to the 1700s (when each surgeon was allowed three ‘cubs’, as the students were known). The School’s development continued from 1834 and after a brief hiatus in 1847-8, was re-established in 1849.
  • 1854 – St Mary’s Hospital Medical School established. St Mary’s Hospital was opened in 1851 by Samuel Lane, surgeon and anatomist, and from its inception was intended to be a teaching hospital. The Medical School was founded in 1854, with the number of students soon rising to 40.