Imperial College London Entry Requirements

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Imperial College London Entry Requirements

Entry requirements

Meeting academic requirements is only one of the factors taken into account when selectors make their decision on an application. Other factors include suitability for the course, proficiency in English (you will need to have passed a College-approved English Language test), relevant work experience and references may also be important.

We encourage you to look at the sections headed ‘Entry requirements’ included in each of the Faculty and Departmental pages on our course list pages as they contain guidance on the selection criteria for your chosen programme, the subjects you need to have studied and additional entrance tests, if applicable.

Please note the Faculty of Medicine only accepts a small number of qualifications for entry to the A100 Medicine MBBS course; the majority of qualifications listed in the Academic requirements table are not accepted by the School of Medicine. Please contact the Medicine Admissions Team for information on the entry requirements for admission to A100 Medicine.

For the full list of the minimum College entry requirements for the 2017 admissions cycle please click here. Please note our minimum entry requirements are reviewed annually. 

If your country or qualification is not listed in the table, please contact the relevant Admissions Team for guidance.

Imperial College London Entry Requirements

Entrance requirements


The qualifications listed below reflect our usual minimum entry requirements.

A* grades in Mathematics and Physics plus a A grade in a third A2 level subject excluding General Studies. Further Maths is preferred as the third A level.

International Baccalaureate:
40 points overall with 18 points in three Higher Level subjects including 7 in Mathematics and 7 in Physics.

European Baccalaureate:
85% overall with 90%+ in Mathematics and Physics.

French Baccalaureate:
“Mention Tres Bien” with Mathematics and Physics both at grade 16.

German Abitur:
1.5 overall with Mathematics and Physics both at grade 15.

Irish Leaving Certificate:
Mathematics and Applied Mathematics at grade A and Physics at grade A, all at Higher Level.

Scottish Qualifications:
Advanced Highers in Mathematics and Physics at grade A1 plus a third subject at grade A.

USA Qualifications:
Advanced Placement in Calculus BC and Physics at grade 5 plus two further AP qualifications at grade 5.

Spanish Qualifications (Titulo de Bachillerato):
9 overall with Mathematics and Physics both at 9.

Italian Qualifications (Diploma di Esame di Stato):
95 overall with scores of 9+ in Mathematics and Physics.

Romanian Baccalaureate:
9.6 overall with Mathematics at 9.6 and Physics at 9.6.

Polish New Matura:
91% in all subjects.

In addition, College English language requirements apply to both the H401 and H410 courses.

For the H410 course a minimum of grade B at GCSE in French or German is also required.