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      MSc Business Analytics is a one-year, full-time programme that prepares graduates for a future of data and evidence-based decision making. You will learn from leading practitioners and world-class faculty how to apply the latest academic thinking and analytical and computing tools to help make business decisions.

Although grounded in highly rigorous technical and quantitative training, this Master’s is focussed on the practical side of business analytics. Spring and summer term electives are sector-focussed, giving you the opportunity to tailor the programme to your interests.

Expert consultants from our Careers and Professional Development Service will offer you the very best support, advice and guidance that is tailored to your own specific career needs. You will have access to highly relevant and unlimited one-to-one support, as well as regular workshops and networking opportunities.

Being in London, you’ll be at the heart of one of the world’s leading cultural, business and financial centres.

A comprehensive programme that combines academic rigour and practical relevance

MSc Business Analytics trains you to understand the context, importance and relevance of the problems facing a business and solve them using a variety of statistical, operations research and machine learning techniques. The overriding objective of the programme is to train students to solve business problems and obtain actionable business insight using analytics.

There is a careful balance of teaching and hands-on programming exercises, individual and group work and regular seminars by external expert speakers. Case study methodology and class-based discussions are used to strengthen the conceptual, analytical and problem solving skills of the participants in real situations. There is a strong emphasis placed on programming in order to give you the skills needed for the business world.

Pre-study modules »
These online modules will give you basic knowledge of areas which will be covered by the programme throughout the academic year.