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Hull College Vision

The vision of the Hull College of Business is to be a globally competitive business school which delivers innovation and value to our students, to our stakeholders, and to society as a whole.

Mission Statement

The Hull College of Business provides a high quality, student-focused education that prepares our students to excel in their fields of study and become leaders on a global stage. Our programs are highly desirable and develop graduates that are highly recruited. Our faculty members advance scholarly understanding and improve the professional practice of our disciplines through collaborative research and service.

Unit Priorities

  1. To be a business school that complements and supports a comprehensive research university
  2. To attract, develop, and retain a diverse faculty that is well- to highly-qualified in teaching, research, and professional service that supports and enhances the University, academia, and society-at-large
  3. To develop and maintain a rigorous, relevant curriculum and learning environment that supports the learning goals of the College
  4. To provide a student experience that attracts a nationally and globally diverse student body, fosters their professional development, and leads them to success in achieving their collegiate and post-graduate goals
  5. To develop and sustain strategic alliances and partnerships with internal and external organizations