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Reach for the Stars – an introduction to Performing Arts
Are you eager to tread the boards? Do you love to entertain? Perhaps a future in the Performing Arts lies ahead for you.

Hull College boasts a variety of successful artists, actors, presenters, and even a BAFTA award winning composer.

At the Horncastle Building, you will take part in one of three workshops in either Acting, Singing or Dance (be prepared for any) in our sprung floor, full mirrored studios. Acting will involve learning basic improvisation skills and scripted work, dance workshops will warm you up before learning a basic routine and singing sessions will include learning and performing a couple of well-known musical theatre numbers.

Take away with you information on Performing Arts courses available at all levels and a basic understanding of the different career roles in the industry.

Which of the three sessions you join will depend on availability at the time. Please dress comfortably.

Click below to look through a wide variety of different post 16 options within Performing Arts, such as Dance, Acting, Technical Theatre, Music & Musical Theatre.

Music & Performance Arts

Being a performer, whether an actor, musician, singer or dancer, is something that you have to work at, even with all the natural talent in the world. Working on stage or off is an exciting, vibrant career. Studying music or performance arts at Hull College will help you to hone your abilities as well as helping to develop other related skills such as team-working, self-discipline and communication so that when you start your career, you’re well prepared to work with those around you, whether in a performance on stage, in an arts management role or behind the scenes.

Level 1 Performing Arts

Being a performer is a challenging yet exciting career, whether you want to become an actor, singer or dancer. The Level 1 Performing Arts Study Programme gives you a chance to flex your creative muscles and explore a range of performing arts skills to prepare for your future in the…
Level 2 Music

The music industry is exciting, varied and has great potential for talented people. The Level 2 Music Study Programme is an introduction to the world of professional music, helping you to understand different types of organisations and job roles within the industry. You’ll explore the features of musical styles and…
Level 2 Performing Arts

For those that want to work in theatre or film, the Level 2 Performing Arts Study Programme teaches you the fundamentals that you need to know. Finding out about the various roles in the performing arts industry, you’ll explore how shows are produced, while working on your acting, drama…
Level 3 (A Level Equivalent) Music Performing

This course covers aspects of music theory, performance, composition, recording and academia. Various music genres are covered including Soul, Jazz, Blues, Classical and Pop.Performances take place at various venues and locations, and students are encouraged to take an active interest in music events across the region. This course leads into…
Level 3 (A Level Equivalent) Music Production

The music industry includes a host of roles that support performers; playing, recording and editing their work. To learn the relevant skills that you need to get into the industry, the Level 3 Music Production Study Programme teaches you the technical abilities you need in the setup of music recording…
Level 3 (A Level Equivalent) Performing Arts

Becoming a performer takes dedication and hard work. This Level 3 Performing Arts Study Programme helps you build up your repertoire of skills, including singing, dance including jazz, tap, ballet and contemporary, as well as acting techniques including contemporary, physical theatre and improvisation. You can take part in practical workshops…
Level 3 (A Level Equivalent) Technical Theatre

Backstage at the theatre is the heart of any show, and learning the skills that you need to be part of the production team can be your ticket into the world of performance. The Level 3 Production Arts (Technical Theatre) Study Programme teaches you a range of technical skills including…