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The course is wide ranging covering reading, writing and speaking and listening. It includes original writing and writing for a transactional and persuasive purposes and reading 19th and 21st century non-fiction and 20th century fictional texts.

The reading and writing assessment takes the form of end-of-year exams. The first exam, component 1, looks at reading 20th century literature and writing creative prose and is a 1hr 45-minute exam that accounts for 40% of the overall grade. The second exam, component 2, looks at 19th and 21st century non-fiction reading and transactional/persuasive writing and is a 2 hour exam that accounts for 60% of the overall grade.

For SLC, students are required to give a presentation and answer questions on a topic of their choice. The mark is recorded separately on the certificate as pass, merit or distinction and it does not contribute to the overall grade. To comply with the awarding body standards, some presentations will be recorded. The GCSE English course provides you with the opportunity to gain a recognised qualification required in many professions or upgrade your previous result.On this course you will cover reading, writing, speaking and listening as well as original writing and the study of short stories, poems and Shakespeare.

Entry Requirements

You will be required to have an understanding of written and spoken English which would equate to Level 1 Adult Literacy.

Modules & Units

  • Speaking and listening
  • Understanding and producing creative texts


Start Date Duration Days Times Price Exam Fee
5th September 2017 33 Weeks Tue 9am – 12 Funded* £0.00
6th September 2017 33 Weeks Wed 1pm – 4pm Funded* £0.00
8th September 2017 33 Weeks Fri 9am – 12 Funded* £0.00
18th January 2018 33 Weeks Thur 6pm – 9pm Funded* £0.00
18th January 2018 33 Weeks Thur 6pm – 9pm Funded* £0.00
4th September 2017 33 Weeks Mon 6pm – 9pm Funded* £0.00
5th September 2017 33 Weeks Tue 6pm – 9pm Funded* £0.00
6th September 2017 33 Weeks Wed 6pm – 9pm Funded* £0.00

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