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Heriot Watt University Sports kit

The Sports Union (SU) is a student focused organisation responsible for Heriot-Watt’s sporting needs.

We offer Heriot-Watt students the perfect opportunity to join a club, receive coaching and compete in your chosen sport at higher education level.

Sports Union (SU) Signposter

For detailed information on the Sports Union clubs and recreational sports, such as where and when they train, please refer to the SU Signposter.

Try your first session for free!

You can take advantage of our ‘First Session Free’ initiative by attending an appropriate Club session for free as long as it is your first time and within the first two weeks of a new semester. Please note that in the event of a club having more than one team training you can only attend the session of the lowest team for free. For information on club training times see the individual sports club pages.

How to join the Sports Union

In order to join one of our clubs you must first become a member of the Centre for Sport & Exercise. After joining the CSE you can then join any of our sports clubs by paying the appropriate club fee.

In order to join one of our Recreational Sports Clubs, you need to pay the respective joining fee (normally £10) which you can do either online or at our front desk. You then have the option of taking out a facility membership or using the ‘Pay As you Play’ option.

Sports Union social events

The SU can also improve your social life by creating opportunities for you to meet with your team mates before, during and after training and games or through one of our organised events.

Highlights of the SU social calendar are the annual ceilidh, SU Ball, and the Blues & Volunteer Awards Ceremony.

Heriot Watt University Sports kit

Structure of the Sports Union

The SU is headed by a Sabbatical President and an elected student Executive Committee. It is based on a foundation of volunteers, from club officials to SU Executive Officers. This creates a perfect opportunity to get involved, make a difference and have fun!