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Heriot Watt University results

When will you receive your results

We will inform you of your final course results, and any examiners’ recommendation on progression or award, via our online Student Self Service (SSS).

Once your course results have been released, you will automatically be sent an email (to your Heriot-Watt email address) to inform you that new assessment results are available online to view/download via the Student Self-Service (SSS).

Only students who are graduating will receive a formal, printed Assessment Results letter by post.

Assessment results letters

Academic Registry will issue assessment results letters to graduating students only by the following deadlines:

SpringGraduating UG/PGT students (June graduations)09 June 2017
AutumnGraduating students (November graduations)20 October 2017

Release of final online results

Academic Registry will release all final results online to graduating and continuing students by the following deadlines:

WinterGraduating and Continuing students
SpringGraduating students (June graduations)No later than 09 June 2017
Continuing or Non Graduating studentsNo later than 30 June 2017
AutumnContinuing or Non Graduating UG studentsNo later than 25 August 2017
Continuing or Non Graduating PGT studentsNo later than 01 September 2017
Graduating students (November graduations)No later than 20 October 2017

How to access your results

You can access your results by logging into the Student Self Service (SSS).

You will be asked to enter a User ID and PIN. If you do not know your User ID you will find guidance on the Log in page. If you have forgotten your PIN you can reset it by entering your User ID and email address.

When you have successfully logged into the SSS select ‘Student Services’ from the main menu. Choose the ‘Student and Financial Aid’ page and click ‘Online Results’.

Heriot Watt University results

Information you will find on the Online Results page

On the Online Results page you can:

  • Download / view final marks and grades for previous years of study

Find web links to information on how to:

  • Apply for graduation
  • Register for reassessments
  • Enrol for the following academic year

If you have an enquiry about your results

You should contact your School if you have an enquiry about your results. The Online Results page has the relevant contact details for your School.

Supplementary Information

Supplementary information to accompany academic results letters and academic transcripts is available here.

Examinations and Assessment resultsDate: