Heriot watt University Qualifications

By | 15th June 2017

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Heriot watt University Qualifications

These school qualifications can be counted towards the entry requirements for the programme you want to study at Heriot-Watt University.

Scottish School Qualifications

Standard Grades/Intermediate 2/National 5

Although entry requirements to the University are set for Highers and Advanced Highers, it is also a requirement of every applicant to have English at a minimum of Standard Grade 3 (Credit 1 or 2, or General 3), Intermediate 2 or National 5 for all programmes. It is a requirement of some programmes that applicants also hold Mathematics at a minimum of Standard Grade 3 (Credit 1 or 2, or General 3), Intermediate 2 or National 5.

Heriot watt University Qualifications

Highers & Advanced Highers

An offer of a place will generally be based on a combination of passes in Highers and Advanced Highers. Admissions Tutors often ask for certain grades in specific subjects in order to ensure that students have the background knowledge and general ability to cope with the demands of their chosen programme. Entry may be from fifth or sixth year.

The University is also pleased to consider applicants who may take one or two of their Highers in S4. Highers taken in S5 following a two-year course in S4 and S5, or in S6 following a two-year course in S5 and S6, are considered equally alongside Highers taken in S5 and in S6 following a one-year course. Please note that in the context of competition for a limited number of places, Admissions Tutors may increase entry requirements for applicants taking Highers over more than one sitting in S5 and S6, especially if they are re-sitting more than one subject. However, we welcome advice from schools via the UCAS Reference on patterns of delivery of qualifications in schools which encourage pupils to take lower numbers of Highers alongside other qualifications over more than one sitting in S5 and S6 and will consider applying the standard offer in such cases. We welcome applications for direct entry to Level 2 from applicants with good Highers who are taking the required Advanced Highers.

The Heriot-Watt SCHOLAR programme has been designed to ensure smooth progression directly into Level 2.

Scottish Baccalaureate

We welcome applications from holders of the new Scottish Baccalaureates. Offers will normally be based on the Highers and Advanced Highers within the qualification.

Heriot watt University Qualifications

Other UK School Qualifications

A Levels

Admissions Tutors commonly look for specific grades and specific relevant subjects in A-Levels. Good GCE A-Level grades also enable entry to Level 2 of most programmes. The VCE Double Award is welcomed by the University.

Welsh Baccalaureate

We welcome applicants presenting the Welsh Baccalaureate in combination with an additional A Level.


We welcome applicants presenting 14-19 Diplomas for entry to our Undergraduate programmes in relevant subject areas. Certain programmes may have specific subject requirements.

Around 20% of our students gain entry to undergraduate programmes after successfully completing a course at college.

We believe that finding the right stage of entry for students coming from college is very important, which is why our dedicated Colleges and Wider Access Officer, Patricia Reid, is here to help you make the transition from college to university.

Undergraduate programmes

Special arrangements between Heriot-Watt University and other colleges across Scotland mean that students with an appropriate Higher National Certificate (HNC) or Higher National Diploma (HND) will be considered for advanced entry into second or third year of a degree programme.

You can find out what your study options are at Heriot-Watt by using the ELRAHRouteFinder.

Gaining entry onto a degree programme is not dependant on a college agreement between your college and Heriot-Watt University. A number of our students come from colleges and courses that we have not yet arranged agreements with. So, if you don’t see your college or course on the ELRAH website, please contact our Colleges Liaison Officer anyway to check.

Postgraduate programmes

The following HNC and HND qualifications, combined with relevant experience, are acceptable entry qualifications for most postgraduate programmes:

  • HND plus 4 years of relevant post qualification experience
  • HNC plus 6 years of relevant post qualification experience
  • 8 years relevant experience at a suitable level plus either interview or passes in two modules

Please contact the relevant School or Institute for further details.