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Going out in Edinburgh
Edinburgh is such an amazing city. It’s Scotland’s cultural, business and political hub. With so many students in Edinburgh (there are 4 universities including Heriot-Watt) there is a thriving student nightlife scene. You’ll soon discover your favourite place to head but for now here are some suggestions to get you started:

WhyNot?  George Street
So first of all before you think you’re hilariously originally the joke ‘Should we go to Whynot tonight?…Oh WhyNot!” has already been made a 1000 times. WhyNot is located on Edinburgh’s George Street which is parallel to Princes Street (right next to Princes Street Gardens and where you get amazing views of the Castle, it’s a great central point if you get lost). George Street is Edinburgh’s premium shopping, bar and club street with loads of the exclusive venues here.

WhyNot is an award winning venue with awards such as Scottish Best Nightclub 2016 under its belt. It’s a classy place with four main areas including an LED room, main dancefloor, outside shisha heated garden with DJ and ‘The Gallery’ which you can hire privately.

Class factor:        *****
Best night for students: Flare Mondays (£1 Sambuca & Tequila, £1.50 vodka/gin/rum mixer)

Silk  King Stables Road, Grassmarket
Located down in the city’s lively Grassmarket area which is home to some of Edinburgh’s best independent shops, restaurants, as well as a collection of bars. Silk nightclub has three different floors and £1 drinks on a Thursday so it’s sure to be a messy one. Be warned it does get pretty stuffy in here unless you find that sweet spot on the main dancefloor with the fan.

Class factor:        ***
Best night for students: Thursday (Zian)

The Hive, Niddry Street
Hive is somewhat of an Edinburgh institution. It’s opened 365 days a week…yes even Christmas day if turkey and your family isn’t your thing. It’s sticky and sweaty yet we do kind of love it. Don’t ask why but you’ll often end up in Hive, it just kind of happens that you get sucked in. Don’t wear your best dress or top out here, but if you’re just looking for cheap drinks and a carefree fun atmosphere then Hive is the place for you. They have a “Cocktail Bar” (if Blue WKD + Port counts as a cocktail), 2 bars and 2 dance floors.  Just wait until ‘Hive til Five’ kicks in during the Festival and over the Festive period where it’s open until you guessed it, 5am!