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Heriot-Watt University Hairdresser


If you’ve already visited Heriot-Watt for an open day, then you’ve probably seen around the campus and had the official tour.  If not, don’t worry, we’re here to give you some highlights!

First of all, the campus is huge!  Most of the academic buildings are connected on the first floor, meaning that on a rainy day you almost never have to go outside!  That said, you can find some good shortcuts and beat the crowds if you do venture outside, so have an explore and see where you end up.

The campus has a lovely loch right in the middle of it, home to our resident swan family.  There’s a good chance that over your time here you’ll become pretty attached to the swans, and the day that the cygnets venture off the island every year is a highlight for most!  Our swans are fairly tame, and you can feed them happily without worrying too much.  The same goes for the ducks!
On a sunny day, the loch may look like a tempting place to go for a swim, but don’t.  It’s not very nice underneath, full of algae and you will have the embarrassment of the Security Guards hauling you out.

There’s lots of walks and trails around campus, from nature trails to art-trails, as well as running or jogging routes.  Make the most of being out of the city and explore to see what you find.

The campus has lots of services available to you:

  • There are a few laundries on campus where you can go to wash and dry your clothes, and when you move into your halls, the Freshers Helpers will be able to tell you which one is the closest to you.
  • There is a hairdresser on campus, just opposite the student shop, you do need to make an appointment, but they often have same day appointments available.
  • The student shop sells almost everything you might need, and is open till 10pm during the week, so you don’t need to panic when you find you’ve run out of milk/bread/toilet roll/chocolate/beer!
  • Hot food is available on campus when you don’t feel like cooking.  The Student Union offers a range of freshly made, reasonably priced meals, sandwiches, soups and pizzas.  In addition, there are several outlets throughout the campus offering a variety of different meal options, from salads and baked potatoes at Café Brio, to hot meals and international food options at Central Dining.  There’s something for everyone.

Heriot-Watt University Hairdresser

  • The campus also boasts a fair number of coffee shop options, from Libertys in the Student Union, to Deweys in the Postgraduate Centre and The Piece in the Hugh Nisbet building, there’s always a place to go to get your caffeine fix!
  • Cycling to Uni can be a great option, and there are cycle racks all round campus for you to safely store them during the day.  The Union canal runs from the centre of the city all the way past Heriot-Watt which means you don’t have to cycle on the busy roads to get here.
  •  The University has a number of free showers available for students and staff to use, these can be particularly useful if you cycle in to Uni.  Visit the Transition Heriot-Watt website to download a map of where to find them.
  • The Union has Amazon lockers, and you can get your Amazon parcels delivered there.  This means you never need to be at home to get your post, or have to worry about rescheduling deliveries for a time you’ll be in.
  • There are a few dedicated spots on campus where you can have a BBQ.  If you do decide to have one, be sensible and clear up after yourself.