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Heriot Watt University Grading System

Will my degree be recognised?

Yes. Heriot-Watt University is a Scottish university and Scotland is one of the four countries making up the United Kingdom (UK).

All UK university degrees are renowned for their quality and high academic standards and our degrees recognised around the world. The distance learning degrees are of exactly the same standard as those offered on-campus and are also subject to external quality monitoring.

What will be written on my degree certificate?

Your degree certificate will be exactly the same as on-campus student degrees. (eg. they will not specify ‘distance learning’, off-campus study, or the name of your local institution).

For further information on quality processes please see:

How many hours of study will I need to do?

As with most UK qualifications the School of Social Sciences adopts a flexible, learner-centred approach to teaching. Students are encouraged to take responsibility for their own learning at an early stage. Our degrees put a lot of emphasis on independent learning and self-motivation.

In the How will I study page we explained how you will be taught through a blend of written course materials, online resources and classroom tuition.

Each course requires 150 student effort hours.

Student effort hours are normally made up of three aspects:

  1. Formal lectures – where the lecturer/tutor conveys the information to you
  2. Tutorials – where the tutor interacts with the class to discuss concepts, ideas, etc and go through numerical questions
  3. Private Self-study – where you spend time outside of class hours studying the materials and the subject

It is normal that the lectures and tutorials only take up a maximum of 30% of the total student effort hours – though this varies across courses and subject areas.