Heriot Watt University Freshers Week

Heriot Watt University Freshers Week

Freshers Week 2016 will begin on Saturday 3 September and will run alongside the University’s welcome week, ending on Sunday 11 September. The student union will be running more than 60 events over eight days at our Edinburgh and Scottish Borders Campuses to meet a variety of tastes.

Everyone at the union appreciates the support of the university and its staff during one of the most important periods for students to settle into university life. The freshers week programme caters to all needs and we ask that colleagues encourage new students to come down to the student union to check out what’s on offer.

If you notice a student looking a little isolated or lost then please send them to see us as we can help these students find like-minded people.

As usual, university colleagues are welcome to collect a printed freshers week wall planner which has a handy academic year wall planner on the other side. Please come down to the student union for a copy or visit www.hwunion.com/freshers.

Thank you for your understanding

Colleagues are advised that some events take place outside and there may some noise as a result. In particular Battle of the Halls launch on the lawn by loch on Monday 5 September between 2pm and 4pm and Zombie Apocalypse across the campus on Friday 9 September between 2pm and 4pm.

Thank you in advance for your understanding.

Heriot Watt University Freshers Week

Welcome Week, 4 – 8 September, is our opportunity to introduce you to the University and to help you prepare for your studies. We hope that by the end of the week you feel as prepared and as confident as you can be about what happens next.

Your participation in Welcome Week is vital. This is your first week at University – don’t miss it. During Welcome Week there are certain things you must do, such are taking part in your induction programme and ensuring that you complete your enrolment. There are other optional activities, like taking part in the Student Union’s Freshers’ Week programme

Welcome Week consists of the following:


Induction is the organised programme of welcome and introductory activities you will participate in as a new student joining a particular programme of study.  Induction is a mandatory element of starting University and all new students are expected to participate. Over the two or three days of your induction you will have the opportunity to:

  • Find out about your programme of study.
  • Meet your fellow students, lecturers and find your way around the University.
  • Find out from current students what Heriot-Watt is really like and have any of your questions answered about what to expect.
  • Find out more about the University’s support systems and resources to help you study.

Get the details of your induction programme

Heriot Watt University Freshers Week


Enrolment is the formal process of registering to be a student at the University. You will already have completed your online enrolment before you arrive on campus. Enrolment means that:

  • You agree to become a student of Heriot-Watt University for the whole, or part of the academic year.
  • You formally confirm to abide by the University’s regulations and become liable for fees.
  • You ensure that the University has a correct record of your personal details, your programme and any fees that you are liable for.
  • You receive your Heriot-Watt student ID card which gives you access to University facilities and a range of benefits and discounts.

Once you are enrolled you will have access to the University’s IT systems, facilities and resources. We will inform SAAS and the SLC once you have completed enrolment, they will then release funds into your designated bank account.

Freshers’ Week

Freshers’ Week is the programme of events and activities organised and run by the Students’ Union. Look out for the Freshers’ Wall Planners for full details and make sure you get involved in as much as possible to make the most of your Freshers’ Week experience. Visit the Students’ Union website for more details.