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Harvard vs London Business School

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Harvard University vs London Business School
Admission Requirement
Harvard University
Harvard University
Location and Climate
Harvard University
Extracurricular Activities
Harvard University
Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA
Average Temperatures of 7-15 Degrees Celsius
London, England, UK
Average Temperature of 10 – 16 Celsius
London Business School
In 2014~2015, the total billed
and unbilled costs is increase
to $62,250 – $68,050
Fees for the Executive MBA class commencing in September 2015 and January 2016: £69,660 (pounds)
London business school
London business school need you to complete the online application form
Application essay
An organisational chart of your business division to show your position
A one-page CV/resume
A transcript of grades from each university you have attended
Your GMAT score (if you have a valid GRE test score please contact the admissions office), proof of your englishs ability.
Earning a minimum score of 700 on a College Entrance Examination Board SAT II Test
Earning a passing score as determined by the department on a placement examination administered by certain language departments
Passing with a letter grade one appropriate full course or two half-courses in one language at Harvard, or the equivalent as determined by the appropriate language department. These courses may not include foreign literature courses conducted in English.
London Business School
London Business School
Student Support
Harvard University
London Business School
42 Division I Varsity teams
Varsity: baseball, basketball, cross-country, fencing, field hockey, football, golf, ice hockey, rugby, sailing… etc
Club teams: aikido, archery, badminton, basketball, boxing, cheerleading,tennis, ultimate Frisbee, volleyball, and wushu… etc
70+ clubs including: Asia club, Japa Club, Real Estate club, Korea club, Wine & Cheese club…. etc
Metro (Subway)

Oh Chan Woo 1A, Viet anh 1A
Kim Chi 1A

Harvard university have special academic
support which is called GSLS (Graduate student learning support) for some students who have difficulty in absorbing new masterials.
However, harvard university do have
shcholarships which is designed to
complete students financial needs.

London business school have total 6 scholarships open for all students and
they have different scholarships open for
women only.