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Harper Adams University Young Innovator of the Year

Daniel 14, named Harper Adams University Young Innovator of the Year

Posted 3 July 2014

Lancashire teenager Daniel Riding was this week named Harper Adams University Young Innovator of the Year 2014.

Daniel submitted one of 50 shortlisted entries, from a field of 1,000, to the inaugural competition, which was celebrated at an awards ceremony in the Harper Adams Agricultural Engineering Innovation Centre on Monday (June 30)

Awards host Jason Bradbury – well known TV presenter, inventor and gadget lover –  was brimming with enthusiasm for the event. He told his audience that he knew the University’s agricultural roots well, due to being raised in the Lincolnshire countryside and having been a Young Farmer, but he was most excited about the engineering innovations being developed on campus.

“If you know anything about agriculture, you’ll know it’s all about design, about engineering and innovation. They make unmanned aerial vehicles here as well as all kinds of other cool stuff. I saw a big 4×4 that they had made from scratch in the car park – Harper Adams is a really exciting engineers’ and inventors’ playground!

“This competition galvanised young people around that and it brought them to this environment. In terms of getting kids off the couch and into the classroom, thinking about stuff and doing things that are innovative and inventive, I could not think of a better idea!

“We are surrounded by consumer electronics, virtual reality, mind control devices, computer games – whatever it is that is inspiring the youth of today, this competition tuned into all of that.

“It said ‘Use some of those ideas, use your knowledge of how things work, such as the functionality you have got in your mobile phone or your car or in your gaming console, and imagine it as a robotic thing – something that solves a problem and does something useful for us. Get it down on paper, or make a website or a video, and if it’s good enough you will end up here at a proper university, where they engineer real, physical things’.”