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Harper Adams University Freshers

Fresher’s Ball ends week of fun for new students

Posted 12 October 2010

Fresher’s Week is now over for another year at Harper Adams University College and the new intake of more than 660 students are now embarking on their first term of study.

The week saw the new first year students getting to know eachother and the campus while taking part in a range of activities including ice breaker and team building excercises, a poster sale and the Fresher’s Fair.

The week culminated with the Fresher’s Ball at which all students were invited down to the ‘Watering Hole’ in the student union bar.

This year’s Student Union chose an animal theme for the event and a big marquee was put up next to the the bar for the big party.

Here are some photos from the event.

Harper Adams University

Harper Adams University is a public university located close to the village of Edgmond (near Newport), in Shropshire, England. It is a specialist provider of higher education for the agricultural and rural sector.


Thomas Harper Adams, a wealthy Shropshire gentleman farmer who had died in 1892, bequeathed his estate ‘for the purpose of teaching practical and theoretical agriculture’. Harper Adams College opened in 1901; Headworth Foulkes was the first principal of the College and there were six students.

A specialist department was created in 1909 and the egg laying trials, which started in 1912, earned the College a wide following. In April 1915, the College was the first institution to provide courses for women in wartime farm work. The college contributed to the war effort by training disabled veterans in farm work, especially poultry husbandry. In 1916, women were allowed to enrol at the college on full-time courses for the first time and were to remain until after the Second World War, when priority of places went to discharged servicemen. The College was also instrumental in providing a wide range of wartime services, such as courses in tractor driving.