Harper Adams University Fees For International Students

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Harper Adams University Fees For International Students

European Union (EU) students

Students from the EU pay the same tuition fees as UK students. For the academic year 2017/18 this is £9,250 a year.

If you are starting a full time higher education course, the main types of financial help you could get are:

Tuition Fee Loan – covers the full amount that you are charged for tuition fees. The amount you can borrow does not depend on household income and the loan payments are directly paid to the university.

Maintenance Loans and Grants – the arrangements for maintenance grants and other student loans will be different, depending upon the country in which you live. More information on the help available and how you can apply can be found at: www.gov.uk/student-finance.

International students

Students who are classed as overseas for tuition fee purposes will pay a higher rate of tuition fee. For students starting their courses in 2017/18 this is £10,200 per year with a £3,100 fee for the placement year.

International students are not eligible for any government funding and are expected to self-finance their studies. You may, however, be able to apply for our Development Trust and industry scholarships during the course of your studies.

Islands students

Students from the Channel Islands, and Isle of Man will be charged the same tuition fee as UK mainland students, which is £9,250 per year. However, islands students are subject to different funding arrangements. For information on the support available for tuition and living costs you should contact your relevant education office:

Harper Adams University Fees For International Students