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AMTRA SQP (Animal Medicines Training Regulatory Authority)

We offer training that enables animal medicine advisors to prescribe and supply animal medicines for farm animals, horses, and pets according to the UK’s legal requirements. Working with AMTRA, the independent regulator that keeps a register of Suitably Qualified Persons (SQPs), we offer a range of level four modules leading to the SQP qualification, offering various routes according to your professional needs.

There are twelve SQP qualifications depending on which species – or combination of species you will be working with: farm animals, companion animals, and/or equine.

We also offer CPD courses to keep your qualification up to date.


The four modules can be taken in different combinations, as shown below. You will undergo an exam for each separate module.

  • The base module
  • The farm animal module
  • The equine module
  • The companion animal module
TypeSQP CategoryModules required
MerchantR-SQPBase, Farm Animal, Equine and Companion Animal. Oral test
SaddlerE-SQPBase, Equine and Companion Animal. Oral test
Equine onlyJ-SQPBase and Equine. Oral test
Companion Animal onlyC-SQPBase and Companion Animal. Oral test
Farm Animal onlyL-SQPBase and Farm Animal. Oral test
Farm Animal and EquineG-SQPBase, Farm Animal and Equine. Oral test
Farm and Companion AnimalK-SQPBase, Farm Animal and Companion Animal. Oral test


Students should register with AMTRA before booking a course. You will pay a fee that covers both a training manual to study and your exam fee. Once you have completed the training manual you can choose to take a further course, with Harper Adams or another training provider, before taking the exam. You will pay an additional fee to Harper Adams for your course costs.

Booking a course

Modules can be booked through the Short Course and Conferences Office. If you are applying for a module/course you must also book an exam place with AMTRA.

Booking an exam

Exams for each module must be booked through AMTRA at the same time that you book on to your course.