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Degree certificate and transcript

Degree certificates

Degree certificates will be presented at each Graduation ceremony and cannot be issued before the day. If you cannot attend Graduation Day or your certificate was not ready to be presented in time for the ceremony then your degree certificate will be posted to your home address within three weeks of the event. Students will be able to confirm via the booking form that they are unable to attend Graduation Day.

Please check your current home address on your eGo account and update this if it has changed. If your eGo account has expired please contact Registry and we will make the change for you. If you would prefer that your certificate is sent to an alternative address please contact Registry.

Students who have progressed onto another programme will be advised when their certificate is ready to collect from Registry.

One copy of the student’s transcript is included with the certificate. If further copies are needed, or you need proof of your degree before Graduation Day please contact Registry for advice.

Please note that transcripts or certificates will not be issued if you have either a Library, Finance or other debt owed to the School. Please resolve all debts before requesting a transcript.



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