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Guildhall School of Music and Drama Principal

Guildhall School of Music and Drama Principal

Principal Study

One-to-one principal study lies at the heart of the learning experience at the Guildhall School. We offer study in the following areas (some courses, including Chamber Music, Leadership, Music Therapy and Opera, are available at postgraduate level only):

You benefit from our partnerships

Our partnerships with five key organisations – the Barbican Centre, the London Symphony Orchestra, the BBC Symphony Orchestra, the Royal Opera House and the Academy of Ancient Music – ensure students benefit from links with the profession before they graduate. If you are a performer, there are opportunities to perform in some of London’s most prestigious venues. Whatever you study, we will encourage you to work with artists from other art forms, as well as those specialising in your area.

The Guildhall Community

At Guildhall School we offer a lively, friendly and collaborative community – a community in which we expect you to be a professional from day one. We ask for dedication and commitment, and in return we give you as many opportunities as we can. In our music programmes we are highly regarded for the quality and rigour of our teaching. We are also renowned for enabling innovation and experimentation and for our unwavering commitment to pushing boundaries in all areas.

Your development as a musician and performer

Our ultimate goal is to transform you, as a musician and performer, into a fully-fledged creative artist. We aim to make you the finest musician you can be, and in support of this we provide detailed developmental work on inner hearing, performance psychology and artistic interpretation. We also offer training in large-scale chamber music, new music, historically-informed performance and interdisciplinary practice.