Guildhall School of Music and Drama Jobs

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Guildhall School of Music and Drama Jobs

Guildhall School of Music and Drama Jobs

Career opportunities

Students from Guildhall School Technical Theatre programmes have a very good record of employment and former students can be found in a wide variety of theatre and opera occupations. Examples of recent graduate successes include:

Career progress

Previous Guildhall graduates have progressed to senior positions:

Students may go on to work in related roles such as administrators or agents in industries such as film, television, events, conferences and exhibitions. For example:

  • Assistant Director in the film industry
  • TV Researcher
  • TV Location Manager
  • Theatre Agent
  • TV Presenters’ Agent
  • Theatre Producer
  • Theatre Promoter
  • Theatre Marketing
  • Executive Director, Almeida Theatre
  • Documentary Film Maker
  • Director of UK Admin, Jim Henson Company
  • Head of Projects, Tussauds Group
  • Sound Engineer, Pop Videos
  • TV Sound Supervisor
  • Chief Executive, Shakespeare’s Globe

Job Vacancies

Head of Junior Music Courses