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Funding for Undergraduate UK/EU Students

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UK/EU Undergraduate New Students

FAQ: How will the UK’s decision to leave the EU affect fees and loans for EU students?

Tuition fees

There are no upfront tuition fee costs for new UK/EU students eligible for a student loan; most students will not need to pay any fees while they are studying. Loans are not repayable until earnings reach at least £21,000; after 30 years any remaining debt will be cancelled.

The School will charge £9,250 for all undergraduate programmes in 2017/18 to eligible UK/EU resident students. Please note, subsequent years of study will be charged at the rate for that year.

Tuition Fee Loan

All UK/EU students embarking on their first undergraduate degree can receive a low-interest tuition fee loan from the Government which is not means-tested. You should apply for these funds as soon as possible – do not wait for a firm offer of a place. When applying for the tuition fee loan, please take care that you state the correct tuition fee.

Living Costs for UK Students

English students can apply for a maintenance loan to help towards day-to-day living costs, such as rent and travel. For new students in 2017/18 the loan is worth up to £11,002. The amount of loan you are entitled to is based on where you live, where you study, your household income and whether you are on the final year of your course.

English students who started their education before August 2016 whose household income is below £42,611 are eligible to receive a maintenance grant. A partial grant will be given if the household income is between £25,001 and £42,611 and a full grant of £3,354 is available to students whose household income is below £25,000. Unlike the maintenance loan, the maintenance grant is based solely on your household income and does not take into account the place of study. The maintenance grant does not have to be paid back.