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BA (Hons) in Acting

Years 1 and 2

The first two years are training years. During this period you will concentrate on acquiring the skills they need as professional actors. The time is divided between classwork and rehearsal projects. During the first two terms you will spend most of your time in classes, with more time on projects as the course progresses. Both classwork and rehearsal projects focus on developing and integrating four main areas of study: acting, voice, movement and playtexts.

The training is based on working both individually and as an ensemble. For much of the work, the year group is divided into half or quarter groups, allowing each student the maximum individual attention. There are also some individual tutorials and many opportunities for one-to-one consultation and feedback. The groups are rearranged, usually each term, so that by the end of the second year you have worked closely with every other member of the year. From time to time, elements of the curriculum change as the teaching staff continuously assess the content of the course to judge whether it remains appropriate to those who are training.

‘Cirque’ is a collaborative project where second-year actors and postgraduate musicians work together to devise circus-inspired pieces of theatre under the direction of Professor Ken Rea. The musicians learn acting and acrobatic skills as part of the process.


Acting studies include stagecraft, improvisation, games and storytelling, mime, circus and physical theatre. Classes in radio and television work are added later in the training, using the School’s own equipment and radio studio.

Voice studies cover voice and speech classes, poetry and prose, singing, phonetics, dialects and a great deal of work on language, including Shakespeare.