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Digital Marketing online short course

The Goldsmiths Digital Marketing online short course is a 9-week course that equips students with the knowledge and skills needed to strategically select and deploy a range of digital marketing tools and tactics as part of an integrated digital media plan, using allocated budgets and relevant data-driven insights to achieve specific marketing objectives. The course is presented entirely online, in collaboration with leading online education company, GetSmarter.

  • Media and Communications

Academic Writing and Publishing

Learn from the highly cited academics how to improve your writing in one day. Get the top tips from experienced editors and reviewers on how to get your work published.

  • Psychology

Academic Writing, Publishing & Presenting

Learn to write well, publish in good leading journals, and deliver powerful public presentations.

  • Psychology

Accessible Genetics

We live in the genomic era, and knowledge is power and key to advancement. Genetic knowledge is expanding and is already commonly used in medicine and forensics. It is likely that in the near future genetic information will be used in many other spheres of our lives.

  • Psychology

ACT at Work: Practitioner’s Course

This course is designed as an introduction to ACT at work. Suitable participants include consultants, trainers, coaches, psychologists, human resources, and learning and development professionals.

  • Institute of Management Studies

Adolescents as Victims and Perpetrators

This course explores the unique experiences of adolescent victims and perpetrators of domestic violence and sexual abuse.

  • Social, Therapeutic and Community Studies

Advanced Field Recording and Soundscape Composition

This course is suitable for anyone who has completed Field Recording and Soundscape Composition or those who possess reasonable experience with making field recordings and have an understanding of the introductory concepts around the soundscape.

  • Music

Advanced Mandarin Chinese

Building on your previous knowledge of Mandarin Chinese, the Advanced Mandarin course will refine your current language skills whilst improving your cross-cultural competency and referencing Chinese culture and society.

  • Confucius Institute for Dance and Performance

Advanced Pyschological Research

Providing you with a wide range of skills necessary for conducting international quality psychological research.

  • Psychology


Learn the art of advocacy (arbitration and courtroom) and how to deal with vulnerable witnesses, including children and people with learning difficulties.

  • Psychology

Advocacy in one day: The Art of Courtroom Advocacy

Learn the art of courtroom advocacy as applied in English courts and taught at the English Bar.