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As a department we’re interested in what happens at the edges of cultures, societies or systems – but we’re also covering the core ground.

The Department of Politics and International Relations provides a lively interdisciplinary environment, specialising in the study of institutions and conflicts in a way that crosses boundaries between traditional understandings of political phenomena. Politics is much more than what happens in parliaments and the formal corridors of power – it is something that pervades the whole of society, domestically and internationally.

Our innovative approach to teaching stresses the ‘politics of Politics’. We believe that behind the formal veneer of political parties and institutions, there are major ideological, economic, social and cultural conflicts which must be investigated in depth if we are to have any comprehensive understanding of our world.

Our experts teach and research on many aspects of political life, and we offer exciting modules in variety of areas including: international relations; the politics of Asia, Africa, Latin America and the Middle East; US, UK and European politics; political theory; economics and political economy; and visual politics.

As a student here you’ll graduate with an excellent all-round degree but you’ll also be able to take advantage of our specialist strengths in international relations, political theory, political economy and the politics of culture.


Why choose Politics and International Relations?

  • We offer a distinctive approach that combines the study of politics and international relations, giving you the opportunity to gain broad knowledge and experience of both disciplines
  • We have a lively events programme that attracts renowned speakers, meaning that you’ll have the opportunity to hear the latest political arguments, theories and ideas
  • Our unique work placement module gives students the opportunity to gain work experience relevant to the degree
  • We offer exciting study abroad opportunities through the programme
  • We’ve been recognised as one of the UK’s top political universities as voted for by students (Which? University 2014)

We’re unconventional

We’ll challenge what you think you already know. We see politics and international relations as an expansive discipline and use it as a lens to view the world critically. So you may be working on group projects, writing a blog, or submitting a Manga comic instead of an essay, but you’ll be at the sharp edge of the subject.

We’re challenging

Because we work beyond the boundaries of conventional politics and international relations, you graduate with a University of London degree that’s as rigorous as it is broad. And, we have a whole range of options to support and inspire you while you’re here, from personal tutor sessions and embedded work placements to Goldsmiths seminars and guest lectures.

We’re curious

It’s why we have specialists teaching an unusually wide range of module options, exploring topics as diverse as the aesthetics of terrorism, the politics of development, US politics and foreign policy, and contemporary movements from the Arab Spring to ISIS. Our interests cover areas from the Middle East, China and East Asia, to Africa and Latin America.