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Goldsmiths University of London Interview

Some applicants are invited to interviews to help universities with their selection process. This may be because there are more suitable applicants than there are places available, or to confirm appropriateness for the course, particularly those relating to the care of animals or elderly, vulnerable or young people.

It may also be an opportunity for the institution to test the applicant’s skills and abilities with an audition (music, theatre, etc) or in a short test (literacy and numeracy, etc). As such interviews can prove to be a confusing and potentially daunting experience. Take a look at our advice for preparing for and performing in an interview.


What are interviews for?

To establish your appropriateness for the course:

– your knowledge and understanding of the subject

– your character and personality traits

– your commitment and your organisational skills

– your interest and enthusiasm for the subject


To test your skills (in some cases you’ll be asked to complete a test):

– literacy

– numeracy

– performance (music, drama etc)


What to expect at a university interview

A relaxed atmosphere:

– universities want the most suitable candidates, so they want you to feel at ease and be yourself

– they’re on your side. You have got this far because they’re interested in you and would like to offer you a place if possible


You won’t necessarily know all the answers:

– they do this on purpose to test your ability to apply the skills and knowledge you already have

– be honest! Say “well I don’t know the answer to this…”

– but be clever, adding “…but I have recently learned about XXX, which I think might be related, and so I think the answer might be something like XXX”


They will probably ask you what attracts you to this specific course:

– focus on the features of the course that interest you