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Watch some of the recent films we’ve produced about Goldsmiths

Our films at Goldsmiths tell stories, and give you an insight into what it’s like to study here.

Take a look into our world-leading academic departments, speak to some of our students and graduates, take a tour the campus and the local area, and much more besides.

You’ll find the full list of our films on YouTube and Vimeo.

If you want to be a filmmaker this is the place to learn, gain experience and make films you will be proud to have on your show reel.

As a student on one of the six pathways you’ll develop your specialist skill. In addition, you’ll also have a range of short optional modules in other production areas of your choosing to give you the kind of flexibility that the industry now expects. The options include script and project development, web drama, online content, and social activist filmmaking, alongside more traditional media such as camera and editing skills.

Our filmmaking facilities and scheduling are geared around fiction production, as this is a major opportunity that the learning on the programme provides. The ethos of the course is “form follows function.” Your study and practice throughout the year will equip you with the most appropriate means of telling your story in order to connect with an audience.

Filmmaking is a team activity. Every student is required to work closely with others as part of a creative team to produce their final project. All the programmes also have good contacts and connections with students in the other specialist areas your productions might require, such as music composition, hair and makeup, set design, scriptwriting and of course acting talent.

Filmmaking is very demanding; it requires a lot of commitment, imagination and teamwork. You will be fully stretched on these programmes.


This MA has six pathways you can follow:

  • MA in Filmmaking (Cinematography)
  • MA in Filmmaking (Directing Fiction)
  • MA in Filmmaking (Editing)
  • MA in Filmmaking (Producing)
  • MA in Filmmaking (Sound Recording & Design)
  • MA in Filmmaking (Screen Documentary)

The programmes also retain close links with MA Scriptwriting.