Goldsmiths University of london Exam Timetable

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Goldsmiths University of london Exam Timetable

Key dates for Summer 2017

Summer Term Exams From 1 May 2017
Late Summer Retakes From 14 August 2017
Deadline for Reasonable Adjustments Support Agreement (RASA) submission for Spring Exams 23 March 2017
UG Board of Examiners June 2017
PG Board of Examiners October 2017
UG Results Published on My Goldsmiths 1 July 2017
Summer Graduation Ceremonies 19-21 July 2017

The Student Centre can help with all aspects of being a student at Goldsmiths

We can help with general advice, enrolments, fees, assessments, housing and finance advice.

Open Mon-Fri – 9am – 5pm

Visit in person

RHB 117, Richard Hoggart Building


020 7919 7050


Wellbeing drop in

For personal issues affecting study, mental health difficulties, extenuating circumstances, counselling, goal setting and planning, signposting and referrals

  • Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu: 2.30pm – 3.30pm
  • Fri: 9.30am – 10.30am

Appointments will be offered on a first come first served basis and if there are still spaces available, last registration is 15min prior to the end of the session.

Inclusion and Learning Support (disability) drop in

For help with reasonable adjustments, Disabled Students Allowance and other disability support.

  • Mon-Fri: 11am – 12.30pm

Out of hours support

Campus Support Officers can be contacted 020 7919 7284 from 6pm-6am seven days a week.

For immediate help see our emergency and crisis support page.

Time, Date, Location

It is your responsibility to know the date, time and place of each of your exams as shown on the timetable. Sometimes changes to times, dates and venues are unavoidable. On the day of your exam, you are advised to check the exam noticeboards for any last minute change of venue.

Do not assume that all your exams will be held in the same place.

Get there on time

You may not enter the exam room for the first time after the first 30 minutes (unless accompanied by an Officer of the College).

If you arrive for an exam 30 minutes after the start you must report immediately to the Assessments Manager in the Student Centre.

Failure to comply with the following instructions will be considered as cheating. Any suspected violation of these instructions will be regarded as a possible examination offence and investigated accordingly.

You are required to observe all instructions given to you by Examiners, lnvigilators or Officers of the College responsible for the conduct of examinations.


Your Goldsmiths ID Card must be taken to each exam and be displayed on the desk.  Invigilators will check your identity.

If you have clothing that obscures your face you must report to the Assessments Team in the Student Centre 15 minutes before the exam. A female member of staff will check you against your ID in private.

Candidates wearing any other form of headgear will be asked to temporarily remove it for inspection.

Any student without a Goldsmiths ID Card card will be sent to the Assessments Team in the Student Centre so that their identity can be verified.

If needed, new Goldsmiths ID cards can be obtained from the security office.

In the Exam Room

  • You may not enter the exam room until instructed by the Invigilator
  • You must sit at the desk allocated to your candidate number
  • Coats and bags must be left in the designated area
  • Small personal items can be kept in a plastic bag under your desk. This includes keys, phones and watches
  • All watches to be removed and put into the bag under your desk
  • Switch off mobile phones
  • You must not leave your desk unless permitted by the lnvigilator
  • Talking to other students is strictly forbidden
  • You cannot smoke or eat
  • If you wish to speak to the lnvigilator, or require any additional materials, raise your hand and wait until the lnvigilator comes to you

Resources and Materials

You must bring your own writing materials (pens/pencils, rubbers, sliderules). Items cannot be in a box or in any other container.

For mathematics exams electronic calculators may be used:

  • Calculators must not be programmed prior to the examination
  • Calculators which display graphics, text or algebraic equations are not allowed

You must not bring (unless specifically permitted):

  • Books, including dictionaries
  • Personal papers
  • Revision notes

Your exam paper

  • Sign your desk ticket as proof of attendance and identity
  • Answer books must be used for all exams
  • Follow the instructions on the front cover
  • Complete the cover sheet of the exam script fully
  • Draft answers must be written in the answer book and crossed through
  • All answers to exams must be in English, unless otherwise instructed
  • Additional answer books are issued once you have completely filled an answer book
  • A note will be made in your answer book if you leave the hall

Toilet breaks

If you have to leave the exam room temporarily you must be escorted.

You cannot take anything from the exam room during the exam, including your bag, mobile phone or wallet.

Feeling ill during an exam

You should make the Invigilator aware and, if necessary, you will be taken from the venue to the Assessments Manager and may be escorted to the medical centre.

If you think illness may have affected your performance during the exam, you must inform the Assessments Manager or Departmental Business Manager immediately, in writing. Find out more about mitigating and extenuating circumstances.

Finishing early

You may not leave the exam room within the first 30 minutes or the last 15 minutes of an exam.

If you leave early you will not be able to retrieve your bag/coat until the end of the session.

Emergency Alarms

In the unlikely event of the exam being interrupted by an emergency alarm you must follow the Invigilators’ instructions. You will be asked to leave the exam room, you may not talk to other candidates and you must not discuss the exam paper. All exam material must be left on the desk. You will be told where to assemble to wait for further instructions. The exam will commence under the direction of the Invigilators and Assessments Manager.

End of Exam

  • Tie all supplementary answer books inside the main answer book
  • You must remain at your desk until all the scripts have been collected by the lnvigilator
  • Do not collect your belongings or leave the exam room until instructed by the lnvigilator
  • You must leave promptly and in silence
  • If your exam finishes before other exams in the same room, leave quietly and do not disturb other candidates by talking, either in the room or outside
  • Do not remove any exam materials from the room
  • In some cases you may not be allowed to take the exam question paper from the room, please check the exam paper instructions