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Goldsmiths University of London Criminology

Explore the nature of crime, why people are seen and labelled as criminal, and investigate the subject from a critical and sociological perspective.

We live in a complex, global, mobile and technologically sophisticated world, divided by inequality. How might we best investigate and understand crime and criminality?

Why study BA Criminology at Goldsmiths?

Explore the social and cultural construction of crime and criminality within a stimulating and dynamic sociology department.

You will be encouraged to challenge common sense assumptions about the nature of crime and criminality. You will be faced with questions about the form of crime now in a global context, and you will look at how ideas of crime and punishment – not only in legal texts, but also in novels, art, television police series and films – have changed over the last two hundred years. You will be invited to think about contemporary forms of policing in the context of ideas about human rights, and you will think about how notions of evidence in a criminal justice system have changed over the course of the modern period.

The programme is taught by experts in the social sciences, but also includes sessions with those involved with and who have experience of criminal justice.

Honorary degree for Howie Becker – the piano-playing sociologist who changed how we think about deviance

Professor Howard “Howie” Becker has been a world-renowned figure in the field of sociology for more than five decades. Now in his eighties, he continues to write, lecture, play music, and shape a new generation of scholars. On Thursday 10 September he received an Honorary Degree from Goldsmiths, University of London.


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