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Notification of Results

Notification of results to students on Undergraduate (UG) and Postgraduate Taught (PGT) Programmes 2016/17

During the year, you will be given provisional marks by your tutors as part of your feedback on assessments. This is to help you with your learning, give an indication of how well you are achieving and what you need to do to improve in the future. However, all provisional marks are then subject to moderation as part of an independent external examining process. This is part of a quality assurance framework that enables the University to ensure all its assessment and marking processes are fair, rigorous and of a suitable standard.  Once marks are agreed with the external examiners they are presented to a University Assessment Board for consideration and confirmation.  Following the Assessment Boards, you will receive confirmed results from Academic Registry. This will be done in slightly different ways at different points of your programme.

The University holds three main cycles of assessment boards in February, June and September.

Undergraduate Programmes

You will not receive confirmed results or information on how and when to undertake any deferred or referred modules until the end of the current level of your programme. The main progression and award assessment boards at the end of your level of study are usually in late May for many programmes at Wrexham, but can be at any of the three assessment points for programmes at GUL or some partners. The format for the communication of these confirmed results will depend on your actual results. If you have passed all your modules so far and are continuing on your programme, results will be online and you will be notified in the form of an email only. If you have completed your programme or have any reassessments or deferrals to undertake as well as online results a letter and transcript that will be sent to your home address on or before a specified date. These letters will also give details of any reassessments you need to undertake and when these reassessments will take place. Further information on reassessment opportunities can be found in the Academic Regulations which are available on Moodle.

Following reassessment, your work is submitted to the next available board and you will be sent a formal results email or letter, in hard copy to your home addresses, in the usual way as outlined above.