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Glyndŵr University Ranking

The ranking uses ten criteria, with a statistical technique called the Z-transformation applied to the results of each. The ten Z-scores are then weighted (by 1.5 for student satisfaction, 0.5 for research intensity, academic services spend and facilities spend, and 1.0 for the rest) and summed to give a total score for each university. These total scores are then transformed to a scale where the top score is set at 1,000, with the remainder being a proportion of the top score. The ten criteria are:

  • “Academic services spend” – the expenditure per student on all academic services (data source: Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA));
  • “Degree completion” – a measure of the completion rate of students (data source: HESA);
  • “Entry standards” – the average UCAS tariff score of new students under the age of 21 (data source: HESA);
  • “Facilities spend” – the expenditure per student on staff and student facilities (data source: HESA);
  • “Good honours” – the proportion of firsts and upper seconds (data source: HESA);
  • “Graduate prospects” – a measure of the employability of graduates (data source: HESA);
  • “Research assessment” – a measure of the average quality of research (data source: 2014 Research Excellence Framework (REF));
  • Research intensity – a measure of the fraction of staff who are research-active (data sources: HESA & REF);
  • “Student satisfaction” – a measure of the view of students on the teaching quality (data source: the National Student Survey); and
  • “Student:staff ratio” – a measure of the average staffing level (data source: HESA).

The most recent league table (2018) ranked the top 50 (out of 129) British universities as follows:

Rank (1-10) University Rank (11-20) University Rank (21-30) University Rank (31-40) University Rank (41-50) University
1 University of Cambridge 11 University of Bath 21 King’s College London 31 University of Sheffield 41 University of Liverpool
2 University of Oxford 12 University of East Anglia 22 University of Manchester 32 University of Essex 42 City University
3 University of St Andrews 13 University of Surrey =23 University of Edinburgh 33 QMUL 43 Coventry University
4 London School of Economics =14 University of Exeter =23 Newcastle University 34 Royal Holloway =44 Swansea University
5 Imperial College London =14 University of Leeds 25 University of Kent 35 QUB =44 University of Strathclyde
6 Durham University 16 University of Birmingham =26 University of Southampton =36 University of Glasgow 46 Harper Adams University
7 University College London 17 University of Bristol =26 University of Reading =36 Cardiff University 47 Brunel University
8 University of Warwick 18 University of Nottingham 28 Heriot-Watt University 38 SOAS 48 Keele University
9 Lancaster University 19 University of Sussex 29 University of Dundee 39 Stirling University 49 Aston University
10 Loughborough University 20 University of York 30 University of Leicester 40 University of Aberdeen 50 University of Lincoln