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Glyndŵr University Ranking

The ranking uses ten criteria, with a statistical technique called the Z-transformation applied to the results of each. The ten Z-scores are then weighted (by 1.5 for student satisfaction, 0.5 for research intensity, academic services spend and facilities spend, and 1.0 for the rest) and summed to give a total score for each university. These total scores are then transformed to a scale where the top score is set at 1,000, with the remainder being a proportion of the top score. The ten criteria are:

  • “Academic services spend” – the expenditure per student on all academic services (data source: Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA));
  • “Degree completion” – a measure of the completion rate of students (data source: HESA);
  • “Entry standards” – the average UCAS tariff score of new students under the age of 21 (data source: HESA);
  • “Facilities spend” – the expenditure per student on staff and student facilities (data source: HESA);
  • “Good honours” – the proportion of firsts and upper seconds (data source: HESA);
  • “Graduate prospects” – a measure of the employability of graduates (data source: HESA);
  • “Research assessment” – a measure of the average quality of research (data source: 2014 Research Excellence Framework (REF));
  • Research intensity – a measure of the fraction of staff who are research-active (data sources: HESA & REF);
  • “Student satisfaction” – a measure of the view of students on the teaching quality (data source: the National Student Survey); and
  • “Student:staff ratio” – a measure of the average staffing level (data source: HESA).

The most recent league table (2018) ranked the top 50 (out of 129) British universities as follows:

Rank (1-10)UniversityRank (11-20)UniversityRank (21-30)UniversityRank (31-40)UniversityRank (41-50)University
1University of Cambridge11University of Bath21King’s College London31University of Sheffield41University of Liverpool
2University of Oxford12University of East Anglia22University of Manchester32University of Essex42City University
3University of St Andrews13University of Surrey=23University of Edinburgh33QMUL43Coventry University
4London School of Economics=14University of Exeter=23Newcastle University34Royal Holloway=44Swansea University
5Imperial College London=14University of Leeds25University of Kent35QUB=44University of Strathclyde
6Durham University16University of Birmingham=26University of Southampton=36University of Glasgow46Harper Adams University
7University College London17University of Bristol=26University of Reading=36Cardiff University47Brunel University
8University of Warwick18University of Nottingham28Heriot-Watt University38SOAS48Keele University
9Lancaster University19University of Sussex29University of Dundee39Stirling University49Aston University
10Loughborough University20University of York30University of Leicester40University of Aberdeen50University of Lincoln