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MBA Business Administration

An MBA qualification continues to be the flagship qualification for post-graduate business students seeking to increase subject knowledge, build a portfolio of management skills and enhance future career prospects in a competitive and increasingly global arena.

The MBA suite consists of three routes (see above) all of which encompass three core topics, which provide the foundation for a successful business, namely strategy, finance and leadership.

In addition there are optional routes which provide opportunities to select from and include transnational business practice to reflect global growth and development and environmental concerns which has increasing prominence in corporate reporting and business procedures.

Other options include the relatively new subject of Asset Management which covers asset life cycle management and is a key function in planning and maintenance of a flourishing business.  Risk is a vital concern when evaluating and making business decisions and is a further option.  Finally the creative change and innovation option utilises a broad range of approaches which are used for business continuity, growth and relevance to the market place.

What will you study?

The programme is delivered through a series of six taught subject specific modules over two trimesters.  Students also study research methods and submit a research proposal at the end of trimester two. During the third semester students complete a dissertation which involves a research element and attendance for a series of supervision meetings.

The programme delivery is timetabled over two days per week which provides flexibility for students who are working, however it is classed as a full-time programme.

The programme is delivered over a one year period.  Students will typically be expected to attend a three-hour block per week devoted to each module.  This will consist of a lecture and a tutorial to enable skills development and application.  Each module has two assessments which students will required to complete in order to progress on the programme.

Core and Optional Modules

  • Implementing Strategies (Core)
  • Contemporary Leadership Themes (Core)
  • Financial Insights, Business Intelligence (Core)
  • Emphasising the Environment )Core/Optional)
  • Transnational Business Practices (Core/Optional)
  • Asset Management (Core/Optional)
  • Creative Change and Innovation (Core/Optional)
  • Evaluating Risk and Decisions (Core/Optional)
  • Research Methods and Dissertation (Core)