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We are Clear about Clearing – University on hand with advice for A-level students

Thousands of school and college leavers will discover where their futures lie when A-level results are announced next week.

For those who do not get the grades they had hoped for, the Clearing process will be a new and perhaps slightly intimidating option, as they decide on which university to choose.

But they will not be alone and should not be alarmed; there are still options available and Wrexham Glyndwr University is on hand for support and advice.

As well as kick-star foundation years there are other pathways through to your chosen degree or qualification.

Julie Cowley, Head of Marketing, Recruitment and Admissions, said nerves will be stretched at households across the country but urged people not to worry.

She said: “It’s important that students are familiar with the Clearing process as, in the event that they don’t get the results they envisaged, a proactive response can pay dividends in securing an alternative place at University.

“On the day, there will be thousands of students making phone calls to admissions officers in an attempt to secure highly coveted places.

“Last year, UCAS reported that more than 64,300 students found a university place through Clearing. It can be a daunting task to those who are unsure of the process so contingency planning can really help streamline the process.”

Julie added: “If you haven’t achieved the grades you expected and have missed out on your firm and insurances choices, then our team of advisers here at Wrexham Glyndwr will be able to offer guidance and give a decision about studying with us, often immediately.

“Prospective students also need to demonstrate determination and focus on getting their places at University on their own. Those who show the confidence and fortitude to chase places will often stand in good stead with admissions teams, who will appreciate the initiative.”