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Occupational Health

The University has an contract with People Asset Management to provide Occupational Health Services for GCU staff.

The role of the Occupational Health Department is to ensure that the work we are asking you to do will not cause you any ill health or exacerbate pre-existing medical conditions. In addition to this service, periodic promotional events which include lifestyle checks, for example, cholesterol and blood pressure, will be undertaken.  Staff that travel as part of their work at the University also have access to a Staff Travel Clinic

If you require a referral to Occupational Health, please speak with your manager in the first instance.  For all other general OH enquires please contact: or telephone 0141 331 8140.

Please visit People Services for further information regarding Occupational Health Referrals and the Employee Assistance Programme.

Occupational Health Referrals

Occupational Health is a specialist area of medicine specifically to support the relationship between people’s health and their work. Feeling healthy at work is important to all of us. The People Asset Management Occupational Health Service (OHS) will provide health management advice to help you stay healthy whilst at work, but also offers you the help you need to make a full recovery if you have been absent from work for a period through illness. The OHS will also provide assistance to support you once you have returned to work, if appropriate.

If you are absent from work through illness or if there is a cause for concern about your health, you may be referred to the Occupational Health Adviser (OHA) via a management referral from your line manager, with advice and guidance provided by People Services. The University’s OHA is a qualified nurse with additional specialist qualifications such as occupational health with perhaps coronary care, mental health, vocational rehabilitation, travel medicine etc. The OHA also has extensive experience of providing healthcare in the work environment and supporting rehabilitation plans.