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Student Medical and Health Issues

Welcome to student medical and health issues. We are here to support you throughout your time at Glasgow Caledonian University.

These pages can give you some information about common student health issues, medical services and support available to you.


It is important the you are registered with a GP. If you are not registered with a GP or
medical surgery please visit the NHS website to find a doctor within walking distance to your home.

Visit NHS Scotland and enter your home post code (i.e. G4 0BA) and select GP to find your nearest service. You’ll find more information on registering with a GP here.

In an Emergency

NHS 24 is a 24-hour helpline which can assist you with medical advice: 0845 4 24 24 24.

If you require an emergency service please call 999. Once you are through to an operator, they will ask you what service you need: Ambulance, Fire or Police.