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BA/BA (Hons) Media and Communication

The 21st century media and communications industry is extremely fast-paced, relying on new technology to bring news and entertainment to homes, offices and mobile devices as soon as it happens. Our BA(Hons) Media and Communication degree combines theory and practice equipping you with the fundamental tools of communication. The balance between academic and practical work makes our programme unique in the UK and ensures our graduates are highly employable.

You’ll study a broad range of subjects including in broadcasting, the press, cinema, and the internet. You’ll examine the role of media in society and how media industries are organised. Reflecting on topics such as how media presents different groups, responsibility and ethics for media organisations and the impact media has on society, you’ll develop the storytelling techniques key to succeed in the media and communications industries.

Practically, you’ll be introduced to communication and media analysis and learn radio and TV production skills in our multimedia suite featuring professional recording and editing equipment. You’ll develop your creative, advertising and public relations skills in real world scenarios with assignments such as producing a short film, a screenplay, a Public Relations campaign or an advertisement.

Whether you intend to work in the media itself or related industries, such as advertising and public relations, you’ll learn to think creatively, analyse and evaluate content and produce innovative, original and professional material across a range of media platforms.

A well-respected programme for more than 30 years, based close to Glasgow’s media city, we have strong links with a top media organisations, some of which are BAFTA award-winning companies. Our contacts provide fantastic opportunities for placements and extracurricular opportunities to boost your CV and enhance your future career prospects.

BA/BA (Hons)
4 Years
Start Date
18 September 2017
Full Time
Subject Area
Business and Management, Journalism and Media Studies
GCU Glasgow