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Summer placements and internships

PDS2247Most students are not sure of which career path they should be choosing. Likewise, students cannot see the value of an internship as they are not sure of what kind of an internship to be enrolled to. Through this experience, students not only build their employability skills such as communication, professionalism and so on, but they also become more career oriented with aspirations and confidence.

Summer placements and internships, allow students to develop their cultural skills by learning and working either locally, nationally or even abroad. Through this students can travel anywhere around the globe. You get the chance to meet new people, develop new skills and expand your network. At the end of the day, it’s not just what you know, it’s who you know.

Strong business partnerships and the university’s cutting-edge applied research activities help to ensure that our academic courses are developed and delivered in line with the needs of industry. These business links are also vital in ensuring students gain the best possible work placements during their degree, where relevant. Work placements not only provide valuable on-the-job experience, but also help you make industry contacts, build your CV and earn work references. GCU has a reputation for maintaining strong links with industry, which helps when it comes to placing students in companies.

Undergraduate courses with work placements