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2017/18 undergraduate tuition fees

The following tuition fees apply to students commencing their undergraduate studies in academic year 2017- 2018. Please use this information in conjunction with our Fees and Refund Policy.

Scholarships and bursaries

You may wish to apply for one of our many scholarships and bursaries and take advantage of our early payment discount which can help to reduce your university costs.

Tuition fees by country of residence

Tuition fees are based on your country of residence and are listed below for full-time undergraduate study beginning in 2017/18.

Looking for part-time fees? You will find part-time undergraduate tuition fees here.

Full-time annual undergraduate tuition fees 2017/18 by students’ country of residence
Country of residence Annual tuition course fee (Full-time)
Scotland £1820
England, Wales and N. Ireland £9000*
European Union (outside UK) £1820
International (outside Europe) £11500

*Capped tuition fees available for students from England, Wales and Northern Ireland

Make Glasgow Caledonian University your first choice for undergraduate study in 2017/18 and receive a guaranteed £2,000 annual cash bursary for the first three years of your degree (totalling £6000), plus a £9000 tuition fee waiver for the fourth year.

This means that the total amount payable by students from England, Wales and N. Ireland for any honours degree completed in three or four years will be £27,000. This award is available only to students from England, Wales and N. Ireland.

Most course tuition fees comply with this table however, some course tuition fees may differ. Click on the relevant courses listed below which have different fees.

Psychology Graduate Diploma

Railway Operations Management Certificate/Diploma/ BSc

Remedial Optometric Educational Programme

Please note: Tuition fees are yet to be confirmed for the following undergraduate courses:

  • LLB Bachelor of Law (Fast Track)