Fees for University of Bath

Fees for University of Bath

University of Bath

Tuition fees

All students pay annual fees which cover tuition and some examination costs (re-examination fees are paid separately). Details of any course specific costs are available on department pages.

UK undergraduate fees are regulated by the government. Tuition fees are liable to increase annually for all University of Bath students.

The University can confirm that there will be no change in tuition fees in the next academic year (2017/18) for continuing undergraduate students with Home, EU or Island fee status.

The full-time fee for new Home/EU/Island undergraduates in 2017/18 will be £9,250. Fees for placement and study abroad will increase by the same proportion from 2016/17 levels. Fee information for new students who will begin their studies 2017/18 can be found on the page Undergraduate tuition fees 2017/18.

EU/Island undergraduate fees for students commencing study in, or prior to, 2017/18 will be the same as the UK undergraduate fee for the duration of their course.

For all other fees, you should budget for an increase of up to 5% for every further year of study; we will not increase your fees each year by more than this percentage and the amount will be set out on our fee page in December for the following academic year.

The fees below relate to the 2016/17 academic year only.


Undergraduate tuition fees

Undergraduates – Home/EU students – Entry for 2016/17

Full-time study Fees (£)
Full time campus based programmes including Foundation Sport (Sports Performance) 9,000.00
Full time Honours Years campus based (top-up from Foundation degree) 9,000.00
Full time Foundation Degree programmes franchised to partner organisations: FdSc Addictions Counselling 7,500.00
Full time Honours Years franchised to partner organisations (top-up from Foundation degree): BSc (Hons) Addictions Counselling 7,500.00
Part-time study Fees (£)
Honours Years (2 year PT) franchised to partner organisations (top-up from Foundation degree):  BSc (Hons) Addictions Counselling 2,075.00
Placements and Study Abroad Fees Fees (£)/year containing Placement or Study abroad period
Thick Sandwich Placement: paid/unpaid (non-Erasmus) work 1,800.00
Thick Sandwich Placement: Erasmus study/work or non-Erasmus study abroad 1,350.00
Thin Sandwich placement year 1* 9,000.00
Thin Sandwich placement year 2 – Where the placement elements are Eramus study/work or non Erasmus Study abroad* 1,350.00
Thin Sandwich placement year 2 Where the placement elements are paid/unpaid ( non Erasmus) work* 1,800.00

*This applies to the following programmes only:

  • BSc Business Administration (years 2 and 3)
  • BSc Architecture (years 2 and 3)

Erasmus enquiries and information about studying abroad