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City University London Fees, Undergraduate

Tuition fees for Undergraduate degrees at City are determined by your year of entry, fee status – Home (UK), European Union or Overseas – and the course you choose to study.

2017 Entry

For undergraduate students beginning their study in 2017, the first year fee will be £9,250 for United Kingdom and European Union students. Fees in each subsequent year of study will be subject to an annual increase limited to the Student Fees Inflation Index as determined by the UK Government’s Office for Budget Responsibility. This index is derived from the All Items Retail Prices Index. We will confirm any change to the annual tuition fee to you in writing prior to you commencing each subsequent year of study.

City, University of London can confirm that for students beginning their study in 2017, EU student fees will remain the same as UK resident fees for the duration of their course, irrespective of any subsequent changes in government policy.

If you are a part-time or international student, please refer to individual course pages for course-specific fees. As a student from outside the UK, you should also see our advice for international students. For international students, fees in each subsequent year of study may be subject to annual increase, as detailed above for UK and EU students.

Paying by student loans – no money in advance

If you are an eligible first degree UK or EU student you will not have to pay in advance for your tuition. The cost will be covered by a loan which you will start to repay only once you have left your course and are earning over £21,000 per year. Read more information about student loans.

Paying by instalments

Students who do not take out a loan must pay their fees directly to the University. We have an instalment scheme for some students where you pay 50% of the course fee at registration and the remaining 50% at the end of the following January. Find out more about the instalment scheme.

NHS-funded courses

The status of National Health Service funding for health professional courses at City, for 2017 entry, will be confirmed in due course.

Further funding options

See our Funding and financial support pages for information on different undergraduate funding options.