Falmouth University Values

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Falmouth University Values

This page contains FXU’s strategic statements.  You can find the FXU constitutional and governance documents here and FXU policy documents here. For other documents, such as Student Council Meeting Minutes, please see the Student Voice pages.

“We will be an integral part of every student’s journey. We will constantly evolve in response to student demands with innovative solutions. We will strive to achieve a degree of financial independence by 2020.


“Your Students’ Union is the open door to all your questions; to opportunities and advice. We empower you to exceed your expectations and personal aspirations.”

Our Values

  1. Relevant – we will be connected to our members by understanding what they need and want from us.
  2. Responsive – we will be ready to react or reply quickly to our members’ suggestions.
  3. Sustainable & ethical – conducting ourselves to the highest standards and “doing what’s right” for our members, our organisation and our environment.
  4. Innovative & Proactive – a creative and make it happen attitude.
  5. Diverse & Inclusive – fundamental to everything we do, both in the way we provide services to our members and the way in which we manage our staff. We are committed to treating everyone with dignity and respect.
  6. Fun and a positive experience for everyone.
  7. Student Led – the student voice will be at the heart of everything we do.