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Getting involved with a society provides endless opportunities for learning, socialising and developing life and career skills, as well as enhancing your university experience. Whether it’s a course-related society, an area of interest or something completely new, we can guarantee once you have joined in with the varied activities and events each society provides, you will never look back! You will have some unforgettable experiences and make some friends for life.

Society Funding

FXU has a limited budget to support all clubs and societies and to organise activities and trips during the academic year. FXU allocates its resources to represent and further the interests of its students and the funding criteria has been developed to offer support to all clubs and societies in a fair and open way. FXU funding is for activities and events which meet the aims and objectives of the club/soc and is at the discretion of FXU.

Societies must complete an annual budget, which shows income and itemises the running costs of the society. All budget proposals are considered together by FXU over the summer period. Budget forms can be downloaded here. The proposals should be as accurate as possible. The budgeting process is very important and society membership fees should reflect good value for money for members, based on the costs associated with the running of the society.

The FXU Activities Team are available to help with the budgeting process. Societies will be informed of their allocation at the start of the academic year. This should allow committees to organise themselves appropriately; amend plans for expenditure (if necessary) and/or look for sponsorship to cover any shortfall, allowing annual membership and event fees to be set accordingly.

Although funding is ring-fenced for societies based on submitted budget proposals, funds are only awarded as and when they are needed (for example a society plans to organise a guest speaker, but the event does not happen- therefore the society does not recieve the funding). This is to ensure that FXU funds are allocated where they are most needed.

Tailored Society Support

The number and diversity of FXU Societies has and continues to grown, from just one society in 2004, to 74+ highly active societies in 2017 with more being proposed all the time. FXU therefore continually reviews the way in which the annual ring-fence award is awarded to ensure diverse society activities are being supported appropriately. Societies are grouped in categories depending on the type of society:

Table 1 outlines the categories and the societies which fall within in.