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We’re looking for graduates or industry experienced individuals with skills in:

  • Software development
  • Business & entrepreneurship
  • Creative digital

Applications are invited for Launchpad, Falmouth University’s innovative incubation and acceleration programme starting in May 2017, designed to place talented graduates in teams that incubate into investible companies. The programme offers you paid opportunities to forge the growth of digital sectors in Cornwall, the UK and worldwide. You will work on a new start-up and through business support, mentoring and applied boot camp training, leave as a director in a viable, sustainable business.


  • A stipend of £16,000 during the first year
  • The opportunity to have a stake in an industry-tested business
  • A collaboration with an industry partner with identified demand
  • An MA in Entrepreneurship, with no attached fees
  • An established network of industry connections
  • The honing of your technical proficiencies

Competition for entry onto the programme is fierce and we advise early application. In order to provide the appropriate level of business support and mentoring, Launchpad is accepting 20 students for the 2017 entry and these places will be filled as soon as the right candidates are found.

MA Entrepreneurship

Launchpad is underpinned by an MA in Entrepreneurship (with no attached fees), which provides the requisite knowledge and skills to drive the development of a new high-growth potential tech start-up. The MA is designed to complement the incubation of the businesses through supporting Launchpad students to gain, analyse and apply knowledge in entrepreneurship, business governance and operation, innovation management, negotiation and presentation techniques and effective communication.

Launchpad is structured to ensure that the academic element of the programme is coordinated with the start-up and prototype development phase of the business life cycle. This means that Launchpad students are able to apply their newly acquired skills at the precise moment they are needed. The MA in Entrepreneurship is assessed by group and individual work and the course is comprised of three 60-credit modules that are studied sequentially.